Manaus was around the turn of the century one of the richest cities of the world. The wealth of the primeval forest becomes visible first of all in the architecture of it`s capital. “Milk”, the latex (Hevea brasiliensis) was named, a fascinating natural product, which by the trees is tapped. This “milk” was the origin for the conversion of a whole city. The American Charles Goodyear developed a procedure with the juice of the rubber tree into rubber could be processed. The city revelled in the money intoxication and the india rubber barons afforded the biggest luxury from Europe, a copy the Grand Opera de Paris – the TEATRO AMAZONAS . Other monuments from this epoch how the MERCADO MUNICIPAL, a copy of the famous market halls Les Halles in Paris, the arts centre PALACIO RIO NEGRO between fascinating Portuguese facades, reflect this time still again.

All monuments you reach from Rio Negro Guesthouse in about 10 – 15 walking minutes.